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Lose Up to 1 Pound of Fat Each Week
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If you really, truly want to lose weight, there is no quicker way to shave pounds off your body — and dollars off your food bill — than to cook more at home. And now, Cook This, Not That! brings you everything you need to quickly and easily prepare healthy, wholesome, and irresistibly delicious reproductions of your favorite restaurant and takeout meals!

The creators of the amazing guides that provided Americans with instant access to the inside information they need to make the right food choice every time are back! With this latest installment in the New York Times best-selling Eat This, Not That! series, you can bring home all the flavorful satisfaction of the country's most decadent restaurant dishes for a fraction of the price — and still lose loads of weight!

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Want to lose up to 50 lbs this year? Here’s how.
Eat This, Not That! showed us how to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more simply by swapping gut-bombs for equally tasty options at our favorite restaurants. But sometimes, the smartest swap you can make is to make it yourself. Look how many calories you can save simply by cooking these easy dishes at home ...
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If you made these 9 foods in a week  instead of going out for them, you’d save a whopping 3,385 calories—almost a pound’s worth of flab! That’s 50 pounds of fat off your body in just 1 year!
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